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Catholico matres quae dico: Fatherhood editon

No, that is a bottle of holy water, not a door stop!

Side note: my car has a slot that fits my holy water bottle perfectly.


What I need to be a mom

This was a full bag of chips.  Brand new.  Opened about five minutes ago.  I walked away from a bag that I thought was safely on the counter, then while completing another task I heard:

crinkle crinkle crinkle
WHSOSOSHSHSOISHSHHSH (the sound an entire bag of chips being dumped out upon itself from four feet in the air)
tappitysmack (the sound of the empty bag landing on a pile of chips)

After one yelp of “Noooooo!” coming from my lips, I died laughing.  Of course the bag of chips would dump if it was full.  Empty bags don’t have the decency to make little messes while the full ones are there.  I have no idea what made it suddenly turn over and spill out, but since I’m the last person to touch the bag, it’s probably something to do with how I left the bag.
I saved most of the chips, as the majority of the chips fell upon other chips, and those bottom chips landed upon a mostly-clean blanket. I have no qualms about eating close-to-the-floor chips, though I won’t serve them to guests.

But this episode got me thinking, what if this happened and I wasn’t a mom?  I feel like there are so many things that I now don’t freak out about after doing the mom gig for two years, and I think these are the most important requirements for momhood.

What momhood has taught me I need:


Laugh when something (non-dangerous) spills.   Spills are funny.  If you have a dog, 99% of the time you don’t have to clean it up anyways, and if it’s not breastmilk there is definitely no reason to cry.

Laugh when poo gets places you never knew poo could.  Or breastmilk.  Or spitup, or drool, or anything else gross.  It’s actually pretty funny, and messes are cleanable.  Embrace your inner eight-year-old who loves fart jokes.

Laugh when your toddler says “Pull my finger!” during the quietest, most solemn part of Mass.  Multiple times.  Loudly.


Children make messes.  Children adore messes.  Did you know yogurt was basically food paint?  I didn’t, but my toddler did.  The good news is that children are completely, 100% washable with mild soap and water, and occasionally a washcloth is required for spots that need extra scrubbing.
That brand new, adorable outfit?  It’s gonna get ketchup on it. It doesn’t matter that the child has a bib on that covers his entire torso, ketchup will get SOMEWHERE on that outfit if it is served.  And that’s ok.  Ketchup washes out.
Mud will eventually get on Sunday clothes.  That’s ok.  Better to have an amazingly good time with church friends than to sit quietly, annoyed you can’t play because the outfit is too nice to breathe in.

Oh that reminds me, clothes are washable, too.  *gasp* Who knew??


I will never be a Type-A, Montessori-style mom.  I just won’t.  I am a full-fledged Type-B, make-up-fun-plans-as-we-go kind of mom.  I’m a toys everywhere mom.  I’m a crafty mom.  I’m a teaching mom.  I’m a read-a-story mom.  I’m a last-minute-playground-day mom.  I’m a mom who prefers to cuddle and play on the floor than stick to a strict schedule (though I do try to keep meals, naps, and daily routines like getting dressed, bathtime, and bedtime regulated, as I’ve found that does help my kiddos have a better day).  I’m a mom who would rather have quality time with her kids and be happy then cry at the end of the day because I feel like I can’t keep up with other people’s Type-A expectations of what MY mom-life should look like.  Which leads to….


My husband has to remind me sometimes that yes, there are toys everywhere, and the dishes didn’t get cleaned before bedtime, but I spent time with our kids and they feel safe, loved, and are happy.  They are passing milestones early.  I’m good at teaching, and don’t have to rack my brain to notice “this is a teachable moment” so my kid gets his daily dose of learning.  I just… do it.  It’s party of my mom-style, and if my kids are doing well, I know that I am doing a good job.


Ah, my biggest struggle.   Notice it doesn’t say “ask” for help.  I suck at that, too. Both my husband and my best friend have emphasized to me recently that I need to ASK for help, and that asking is not a sign of failure (because in my mind, it totally is).  Accepting help should not make me feel hours of slimy guilt in my gut, though it does.  I’m getting better.  And thankfully I have a hubby who will rub my shoulders when I feel like I a guilty failure (which I believe is the cure for both feelings), and friends who will randomly come over with wine and run loads of laundry without asking.


Everyone benefits from snuggles.  Right now I’m technically snuggling my baby as he sleeps strapped to my chest in a baby carrier. I love to snuggle my toddler when we read a book or watch a show (that latter one has been the norm this week because this Mama Bear has a head cold… ugh).  Spouses like snuggles, too.  And the dog.  Everyone loves snuggles.  I’m getting good at just going up to my husband and instead of griping, asking for a long hug.  Best remedy ever.


And it’s perfectly acceptable for a mother’s prayer life to consist of two prayers:
“Lord, give me grace to handle this moment.”
“Lord, let my kids be okay, and grow to love you.”

That’s what need to be a mom.
Laughter. Soap. Accept myself.  See the successes. Help. Snuggles.  Prayer.







Disney Princesses, sorted by Hogwarts Houses

Bear meeting Belle for the first time and talking about her lovely fireplace.“Hi, Princess!”
I was recently watching The Little Mermaid, and had a sudden realization.  I quickly texted a few friends to poll them on the idea, and they immediately agreed, 100%:




Ariel is a Slytherin.

That’s right, 90’s kids, eat it up.  Your favorite red-head isn’t the happy-go-lucky Hufflepuff you may have thought her to be.
Let us direct you to her personality: rebellious(going to the surface), uncaring if her actions hurt those she cares for(missing the concert-she cares more that “my father is gonna kill me!” than that she ruined the hilight of Sebastian’s career and embarrassed King Triton).
Ariel is fully willing to dabble in the dark arts in order to seduce a man she knows almost nothing about, with a witch who has some dark history with her father bad enough to get her banished and exiled from court forever.  Oh, and who has a forest of withered merpeople as a welcome mat.
And after all that… Ariel gets her way.  Through deceit, dark magic, and not caring about her family one bit.  She is sly and determined, and nothing can stop her.
Total Slytherin.

This realization got me thinking… what could the houses of the other Disney Princesses possibly be? Plus, I’ve been inspired by another blogger who liked to sort Jane Austin characters into Hogwarts houses, so I figured, why not?  So without further ado, here are a few more of the Princess’ sorted into the Hogwarts houses.

Belle: Gryffindor!

You may think your favorite bookworm would make the cut for Ravenclaw, but (surprise surprise!) the Sorting Hat says Gryffindor!  Sure, she’s got her nose stuck in a book at nearly every moment she can manage, but there is so much more to this princess than what’s on the surface.
Upon realizing her father has been captured by a hideous beast and will be kept until his death, Belle immediately sacrifices her own freedom for her father’s, despite his adamant protests.  She is brave enough to try to correct the beast when he first offers her a bedroom, saying that she thought she was supposed to stay in the dungeon tower, hard-headed enough to say “no” to his commands, and noble enough to return to her promise of imprisonment as repayment for Beast saving her from the wolves… not to mention kindly patching him up and making sure his paw didn’t get infected.

(And for you naysayers who think our bookish heroine should still be Ravenclaw, I give you exhibit A: Hermione Granger.)

Cinderella: Hufflepuff!

She’s loyal to a fault, remaining with her father’s new family even after his death.  Granted, during Cinderella’s time, I imagine a woman in her place wouldn’t have too much of a choice in the matter, but this girl does it with a grace and kindness most of us couldn’t muster in the face of Lady Tremaine and the two step-sisters.  She’s a hard worker, dedicated to her family home, and patient as a Saint.  Helga Hufflepuff would be proud.

Pocahontas: Ravenclaw!

Yes, our girl is brave enough for Gryffindor, but Ravenclaw is marked by those who are wise and seek out new knowledge and understanding.  When newcomers invaded her home, Pocahontas didn’t attack or retaliate in fear or a show of strength, but sought to learn about these new people and their strange ways.  (Though I’m sure the handsome singing explorer helped pique her curiosity as well.) Always striving to find her right path and do the right thing for all people, Pocahontas proudly wears blue.

Jasmine: Gryffindor!

This was a close call between Slytherin and Gryffindor.  Princess Jasmine is determined to get what she wants, is firm in her decision making, and doesn’t take crap from anyone.  So what tipped the scales?  The fact that she doesn’t toss others aside to get what she wants.  Yes, she may have run away from home, but she didn’t go to her father’s worst enemy to do it (Ariel…), she just wanted some experience outside of her palace upbringing, and a chance at escaping a forced marriage.  Can you blame a girl?  She may be determined, but she’s not willing to do quite anything to get what she wants.  So… Gryffindor.

That’s all I’ve got so far!  If you have any Princesses you’d like sorted (or an opinion different from mine about the above princesses) drop me a line in the comments!  I love geeky personality conversations.


Kitchen Snuggles

Some days, this mom gig is rough. Sometimes, especially now that I’m wrangling two kids instead of one, it is so easy to look at life as an endless checklist of things to be done, punctuated by double the diaper changes, and quadruple the laundry (I’d swear someone is breaking in and wearing our clothes, there’s that much of it to do no matter how much i get done). Insert that I’m fully breastfeeding baby, and I’m left with hours of time taken up by that task alone. It’s hard to remember that it’s not just a to-do list task, it’s nourishing and bonding with my precious baby boy. I love looking at him when he’s eating (those adorable chubby cheeks! The cute smiles!), and playing with him when he’d rather talk than stay latched.

Lately I’ve noticed my toddler has increased his requests for Mommy time. “Mimi, snuggle in rocker?”

This week I’ve made a huge effort to take the time to snuggle. Take and give the hugs my babies need from me. And honestly, it’s made my life less stressful. A little more crazy because my checklist isn’t done? Yes. Will it ever be done? Lol nope, I’m a mom. So I enjoy the snuggles with my kids, whether it’s a long movie night with my toddler and I all wrapped up in blankets, or like this morning, when I took just one more minute rocking my baby in the kitchen before having to get ready to leave the house. Kitchen Snuggles with the little babe

Snuggles are awesome. Refreshing to the weary mama’s soul. To moms: find your kid and snuggle. It’s one thing I’ll never regret.

Tiny Joys

Tiny Joys: Art & Coffee

Finding my son’s “cow coffee cup” full of blue crayon scribbles. I love having a creative kid who thinks outside the box (even when it means a little unexpected scrubbing!)

He loves having milk in his “coffee cup” with Mommy, and we have been steadily working daily Tray Time (art, letters, colors, a bunch of learning disguised as play) into daily life. We are working on “crayons only draw on paper”… but I guess it hasn’t quite caught on when Mommy isn’t looking for a moment!

Music, Weddings

Wedding Music for the Disney Bride

I had a Tangled/Disney themed wedding (not overly cheesy or blatant, if I do say so myself), and since I’m a musician, the music for both the ceremony and the reception was a HUGE deal!  A while ago I made a list for my piano playing business about ways to add a little more magic to your wedding day, via Disney music, and figured I would share it over here. So, here are some musical ideas for every part of your wedding that will add a hint of pixie-dust!

*Marks a song I used at my own wedding!

Entrance Songs:
-So This is Love from Cinderella
-Can You Feel the Love Tonight? from The Lion King (Elton John version) 
-One Song from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 
-Married Life from Pixar’s UP

Recessional Song: 

-True Love’s Kiss from Enchanted
-Once Upon A Dream from Sleeping Beauty 
-Learn Me Right from Brave (A friend of mine had this as her first dance song!)

First Dance: 
-I See the Light from Tangled*  
-Love Is An Open Door from Frozen 
-Beyond the Sea from Finding Nemo 
-A Whole New World from Aladdin 
-Love from Robin Hood 
-Ma Belle Evangeline from The Princess and the Frog 

Mother/Son Dance:
You’ll Be In My Heart from Tarzan*
-Baby Mine from Dumbo 
-Your Mother and Mine from Peter Pan 

Father/Daughter Dance:
-How Does a Moment Last Forever? from Beauty and the Beast (Celine Dion version)
-Baby Mine from Dumbo 
-Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman (technically not Disney, but it gives the same vibe and guarantees happy tears)*

Bouquet Toss: 
-I Won’t Say I’m In Love from Hercules*
-Someday My Prince Will Come from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 

Garter Toss: 
-Be A Man from Mulan* 
-A Girl Worth Fighting For from Mulan

If I were to put together my perfect “Disney Wedding Program” with selections from this list, here’s how it would look:

~The Mousewife’s Perfect Disney Wedding Songs~

Married Life  (Because I love a good prelude!)

So This is Love

Learn Me Right

First Dance:
I See the Light

Entrance into Reception:
The Throne Room from Star Wars: A New Hope 

Mother/Son Dance:
You’ll Be In My Heart

Father/Daughter Dance:
Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman 

Bouquet Toss:
I Won’t Say I’m In Love

Garter Toss: Be A Man


What romantic Disney songs would you add to the list?