Welcome to The Merry Mousewife!  My name is Bryn, and I started this blog is to share fun thoughts about home, marriage, family, and all things Disney.

I have had a love for Disney movies and music since I was a child, and in my parents’ home Disney movies are still quoted in everyday conversation-a tradition that’s catching on in my own family (much to the consternation of my hubby, who’s still catching on).

My first trip to a Disney park didn’t happen until I was 22. The long-story-short is that I jumped in with an annual pass, visited seven times in two years, and honeymooned on a Disney Cruise.

I am married to the man that most girls would call their Prince Charming, but he is a bit more of the rogue-ish, Han Solo type.  We have a shared love of Disney and Star Wars, so the marriage of Disney and a Galaxy Far Far Away is awesome for us.   We have two boys, 2 year old son who is known on the interwebs as Little Bear, and newborn Pip.

I love to write about matters of Disney, geekdom, family, faith, and everyday life.  I hope you enjoy it!

If you like what you see, please follow the blog, and even follow me on Twitter @Disney_Wife or on Instagram at merrymousewife.






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