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Honest Thanks

Honestly?  This week was rough.  Which is probably why I haven’t written when I’m thankful for since last Thursday.  I started writing a really fluffy post about what I’m thankful for, then realized while yes, I was thankful for all these great things, they weren’t the things that were making me whisper “Oh, thank god” in rough moments.  So here’s my brutally honest list of what I’m thankful for today.

-Headphones.  Specifically, bluetooth headphones.  They let me listen to Lady GaGa and Critical Role away from little ears, while also helping me keep my cool and not have my own meltdown while the toddler has one.  Win-win!

Image result for headphones gif

-Coffee.  I’m down to one small cup per day for health reasons, and while it’s awful to give up the extra, it also makes me extra thankful for the magic elixir of energy and happiness.

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-Knitting and yarn crafts.  I’d be lost without giving myself little breaks over the past week to just focus on the repetitive motions of the needles and the feel of the soft yarn.  Bonus: I can now do this while the toddler plays, and he and I have some lovely conversations while I do my handiwork.

Image result for yarn  gif

-Naps.  This week I’ve taken some too.  Life savers.

Related image

-My hands.  Battling eczema and other weird, painful conditions on my hands the past year and a half has made me appreciate it double when they are feeling better.

Image result for hands gif talladega

-That my kids want to spend time with me.  I’m an introvert, so the words “Can you please give Mommy two minutes of alone quiet time?!” were uttered recently.  But overall, I am grateful that my kids love it when I hang out with them, for play, for reading, for car rides to the store.

Image result for mommy cat gif

-For indoor heating.  Because apparently the South is skipping the normally gorgeous fall we tend to have and jumping straight into the miserable weather that is saved for the depths of February.

Image result for cold gif

-CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!!!!!  Lights, colors, garland, tree, songs, decorations, ornaments, pictures, cards, addressing, wrapping, corny Hallmark movies, I LOVE IT ALL.  BRING IT ON!! (Also, this is literally me vs. my husband every November.)                                                Related image

-Friends who are willing to listen and accept me for the broken, goofy, singing weirdo that I am.  And tell me when I’m full of it and need to calm down.  Love you people.

Image result for friendship  gif


And that’s my honest list for today.  Going to try to get back on the wagon and post my thanks more often!

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A Thank-filled Thursday

Today I am thankful for…

  • One-on-one time with each kid… really enjoying being able to sit and talk with the toddler while he plays and I work on crochet or some project, and I can just be with him and see his imagination at work!  And baby’s first time in a big-boy chair at the coffee shop was delightful.
  • Seeing a rainy downpour through my baby’s delighted eyes as we hurried under a hot pink umbrella.  Newsflash: walking in the rain is pretty fun when you have a tiny human in tow!
  • Having the time to practice piano and compose new songs
  • D&D having come into my life and bring with it so many new opportunities in friendships, storytelling, and songwriting.
  • having our Oma come and seeing her joy at playing with the boys
  • Baby saying his first word in German: danke!
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30 Day Disney Challenge: The End.

It’s obvious by now that I have a horrible time remembering and finding the time to do any kind of “____ Days-Long Challenge.”  (See the Days of Thanks from November if you must… I got to day seven.)

So, since I stink so badly at finishing challenges, I’m going to finish up the 30 Day Disney challenge in this one post.  No muss, no fuss, and I’ll keep the answers *gasp* short.

We left off on Day 21, “An Overrated Movie.”  So now we move on to…

Day 22: An underrated movie.

Winner: Treasure Planet.  treasureplanetvhs If you haven’t seen this movie, WATCH IT.  It is spectacular.

If you think it looks stupid because it’s sailing ships in space, you’re wrong.

Go back, read the original novel, and then watch the movie.  It is an amazing adaption, especially how they re-made all of the characters while keeping true to the original story.

Moving on…

Day 23: A movie that makes you laugh.

Um… All of them?  Nothing is popping immediately to mind…

I guess we will go with

Winner: Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl.

So many gems of lines in that film.  And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, then clearly you’ve never been to Singapore.

Day 24: A movie that makes you cry.

Winner: Inside Out

Different personality lands

I laughed.  I cried (a lot).  It moved me, Bob.

Day 25: Your favorite scene from your favorite movie.

Winner: The lantern scene from Tangled. 

Followed by a close second with this moment:

Eugene rapunze hug

Day 26: Saddest death.

I was about to say Kerchak in Tarzan.  But it goes to…

Winner: Kala & Kerchak’s first baby gorilla.

You thought I’d pick Mufasa, didn’t you?  And watching a beloved character become an orphan after seeing his parent die is sad.
What’s sadder is a baby being torn apart by a leopard and watching the baby’s helpless parents know they can’t stop it.

When you’re done with that visual, we move on to….

Day 27: Your favorite quote.


So, growing up my family spoke mostly in Disney quotes.  This is probably due to watching SO many Disney movies with my sister, who has autism, and would watch one movie over and over again for a month.

Let me tell you: One month of any Disney movie is one too many if you don’t switch it up.  I could probably write out the scores for several Disney films, part-for-part, with barely a flaw, just because I heard them from my room at the end of the hall SO MANY TIMES.  (I consider it a gift.  I can karaoke the crap out of Disney music.)

If you are a Trekki (sp?) who knows about the “When the walls fell” episode, that’s pretty much how my family appears to outsiders.  I’ve known my husband for over six years now, and sometimes he still thinks I’m being rude or snarky when I’m actually quoting Scuttle, or Flounder, or Lumiere, etc.
It can make life really interesting.

Some family faves are:

“It was all ‘this is this, and that is that…'”

“It’s like he’s trying to speak to me!  Look, you’re really cute…”

There are dozens of other family favorites, but I’m blanking.  So in the interest of speed, I’ll pick a personal fave:

“All at once, everything looks different now that I see you.”

Day 28: Your favorite theme park.

Winner: Disney’s Animal Kingdom 

I’m obligated to choose this one.  It’s where I got engaged.  😀
Plus it’s usually the most peaceful park to visit.  (hint, hint)

Day 29: Your favorite theme attraction.

Winner: Star Tours/Everest.

I can’t choose just one.  They are SO different.  Star Tours made me cry when my childhood dreams came true.  Everest is one of my favorite coasters OF ALL TIME.

Day 30: Your favorite theme park show.

Festival of the Lion King at Animal Kingdom.  

Best show in the parks.  Followed closely by Fantasmic.  But the talent in Festival of the Lion King beats out everything else.  I highly recommend it, especially if Be Prepared is one of your fave villain songs.


Or, as Prince James would say on Sofia the First:

(We have a very Sofia friendly household.)

Hope you enjoyed the quickie-version of the challenge!  Do you agree?  Disagree?  Have other “what are your fave” questions?  Let me know!




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An Overrated Disney Movie (in my opinion) – 30 Day Disney Challenge: Day 21

An overrated Disney movie? Yep, there is such a thing.

Luckily for this blogger, Disney has recently made this choice a very easy one.

Because I’m a nerd who likes doing small amounts of research, I turned to the all-knowing Google.  Google defined  “overrated” as having “a higher opinion of (someone or something) than is deserved.”   So remember, even though I think the movie is overrated, the word overrated does not mean, “I DESPISE THIS MOVIE WITH THE HOT HATRED OF A MILLION SUNS!” I just means I think it gets too much credit that is due elsewhere.  So leave your defensive comments at the door, because I sing the soundtrack enough to annoy my husband along with the rest of you.
Continue reading “An Overrated Disney Movie (in my opinion) – 30 Day Disney Challenge: Day 21”

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Favorite Disney Sequel – 30 Day Disney Challenge: Day 20

Whenever a new movie sequel is announced, I find that my friends and myself tend to respond in the same way.  Especially if the first movie was liked, there’s a decent amount of eye rolling, talk of “ruining our favorite characters!” or “Not even the same actors? Sheesh.”

There are some exceptions.  For example, the second and third Star Wars movies were good.  (The REAL second and third, not the new stuff.  The new ones were barely passable, only decent due to Mace Windu and Ewan McGregor.)  The latest round of Marvel movies have not yet been disappointing, with the exception of “Thor: Oh Crap, We Need Loki Out of Prison So Here’s Another Movie, in which Scientific Coincidences Save Main Characters But Are Otherwise Suspiciously Convenient The Dark World.”  (Okay, it wasn’t terribly disappointing, but it was my least favorite of the Marvel movies yet.)

Then there are Disney sequels.  And thanks to years of babysitting, I have had the, er, pleasure of seeing some of the direct-to-video sequels to some Disney classics.

For example, “Cinderella 3: A Twist in Time.”  It was, surprisingly, an enjoyable movie, or at least enjoyable when watched with a three year old girl, and had a really interesting plot.  However, the second Cinderella was incredibly boring, entailing Cinderella’s new life in the palace and getting used to no longer being a maid with chores.  Think Tarzan 2, but with a really dumb and boring plot.

(Yes, there is a Tarzan 2.  The TV show was better.  Yes, there was a Tarzan TV show.)

In my family, we don’t talk about the terrible film “Parents Are Mad So We Made The Sequel Historically Accurate To Crush Your Dreams of True Love Pocahontas 2.”  Horrendous filth that just broke my little Disney-magic-filled heart as a kid.  (If you haven’t seen the first one, or if you have a heart of stone and like to see a man’s heart broken and life ruined, then you might like it.)

But I’m getting off-topic.

Getting back on topic, I have decided that I am going to pick a favorite sequel only from Pixar’s/Disney’s animated movies.  It makes the job a little easier for me, and sticks to good ol’ Classic Disney style kids movies.

And now, for my first honorable mention…

Toy Story 3
If you claim you didn’t cry… You’re one of those weird Pocahontas 2 lovers.

I know, I know, I didn’t pick it as my favorite!  For the record, it’s a close, close second.  Like, it squeaked by.  They might be equal.  But I’m only officially picking one movie, so we will just pretend that this one came in second.

I still remember watching this movie for the first time, in a crowd of college students who all talked, before and after the film, of how when Andy was a kid, we were kids.  We grew up with him.  We are going to college at the same time as him.  We still, yes, have some toys like he does, and yes, we all cried several times by the end and were not ashamed to admit it.

And for my number one favorite sequel:

The Rescuers Down Under

I watched both “The Rescuers” and “The Rescuers Down Under” a lot when I was little, but I definitely enjoyed the second one more.  The bad guy was not quite as creepy, and there was no icky skeleton in the cave/girl may drown scene to scare me.

Now that I’m a grown up, I still like Down Under the most!  Maybe it’s because I have a thing for movies with a lot of talking animals, a lot of “show the plot, don’t tell the plot” with music, or the adorable way Bernard keeps trying…and failing… to propose to Miss Bianca.

It’s an older film, and not very well known.  If you haven’t seen it, or it’s been a while, give it a shot!  (Last I knew, it was on Netflix… hint, hint.)

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My Least Favorite Pixar Film – 30 Day Disney Challenge: Day 19

I thought this one would be difficult.  I thought, “Oh no, I love all of Pixar’s movies!”

Then I looked at the wikipedia list of Pixar movies and, to my surprise, discovered one film with which I was never really thrilled, which is probably why I had to look on wikipedia to remember that it exists:

Cars 2

Cars 2
Apparently Rotten Tomatoes agrees with me. Lowest Pixar movie score, coming in at a whopping 39%. Second lowest Pixar score? 74% (Original Cars movie.)

Now, there is nothing bad about this movie.  It’s kid friendly, and has its funny moments.  But I never found the plot very memorable.  I know that the main plot had to do with spies, and for some reason British spies needed Mater to do some secret mission, while Lightning McQueen actually did cool racing set in a colorful world that reminded me (at times) of Speed Racer.  And there was a James Bond type storyline, with gadgets and cute car girls.

If I’m wrong about the plot, well… like I said.  I didn’t find it memorable.

I really enjoyed the first Cars movie.  I thought it was a little long, but the characters were lovable, and it was fun to see McQueen’s personality do a 180 into becoming a good person… er, car.  Since I loved McQueen and Sally, and all the other side characters from Radiator Springs, I was disappointed that there wasn’t as much of McQueen and Sally in Cars 2.  And there was way too much Mater in Cars 2.  He makes me laugh, but after a while, his antics get old.  His misunderstandings and backwards ways are only cute for so long.

I supposed if I was under the age of ten, I would really like Cars 2.  As it is, I think it’s a cute movie without much substance, and though I wouldn’t mind watching it with children, I don’t go out of my way to watch it on my own.

I gotta say, though, I LOVED the wasabi scene! As a sushi lover, I have been there before, the point of "I can handle this much green stuff!" Nope.
I gotta say, though, I LOVED the wasabi scene! As a sushi lover, I have been there before, the point of “I can handle this much green stuff!” Nope.

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My favorite Pixar film! – 30 Day Disney Challenge: Day 18

When I started googling pictures for this post, I didn’t think I actually had a favorite Pixar film.  I figured I’d have to do a four or five way tie!  But luckily, seeing all the pictures made me realize just how much I love one particular movie.

…But why would I deny any of you the pleasure of seeing the honorable mentions (aka the tie for second place!)?

Honorable Mention 1:

A Bug’s Life

Favorite Pixar Film 1

One fantastic movie that is way too often overlooked.  It irks me to no end when I mention the movie and the only response I get is “Oh yeah, that one that was kind of like Antz… Wasn’t there a ladybug or something?”  And some of these are supposed “Disney fans!”  If you haven’t seen it, I definitely recommend it.  If you have but it’s been a while, it’s definitely worth another watch.

Reason why it didn’t win: Continue reading “My favorite Pixar film! – 30 Day Disney Challenge: Day 18”

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My Least Favorite Classic – 30 Day Disney Challenge: Day 17

Okay, so I’m terrible at doing a 30 day challenge if those 30 days are supposed to be in a row.  But now that I have agreed to write something everyday, I shall continue (and hopefully finish) the 30 day challenge!  Which, you know, has nothing to do with the current score being Lent: 9 Bryn: 3.  Or my lack of knowing what to write.

Today’s topic is supposed to be my least-favorite Classic.  Since we have already covered what makes a Disney movie a classic, I shall go straight into the film itself.

My least favorite Disney Classic is… Continue reading “My Least Favorite Classic – 30 Day Disney Challenge: Day 17”

30 Day Challenge

What makes it a ‘Classic?’ – 30 Day Disney Challenge: Day 16

Today begs the unavoidable questions: what makes a Disney movie “Classic”?

Is it the older form of animation, all done by hand?

Or perhaps it requires it to be a musical, with at least three or four big numbers.

Must it be a princess movie, or can the dudes and families rule, too?

Left without a clear idea, I turned to one of my trusted sources:


No, really, it’s rather reliable when it comes to films and fandoms.  Trust me, if you post something incorrectly Continue reading “What makes it a ‘Classic?’ – 30 Day Disney Challenge: Day 16”

30 Day Challenge

My first ever Disney movie – 30 Day Disney Challenge: Day 15

How many of you remember the first movie you ever saw in theaters?  Anyone?

Well if you do, you are lucky.  Because I know which movie I first saw in theaters, and it was also my first Disney movie (that I know of, unless mom had me watch a Disney movie at home, before I was two, without my knowledge.  Sneaky.)

But though I know what my first Disney flick was, I don’t remember going to see it at all.  But since I trust my mother on this one, seeing as her mind was much more developed in 1992 than mine was, we’ll go with her memory banks.

First ever Disney movie: Aladdin

Apparently, my first Disney movie at 2 years old.
Apparently, my first Disney movie.

 According to reliable sources (aka mom & dad) my dad took me to see this, my first movie in a theater!

Come to think of it, maybe that’s why it’s still one of my favorites, and has my favorite Disney kiss, one of my favorite princesses…

Maybe why I have a thing for Disney thieves…

But I digress.

And I must give a nod to the first Disney movie I remember seeing in theaters, though of course by the time it came out, I was well into my career-level of Disney movie-watching, with dozens of rounds of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White under my belt.

First Disney Movie I remember seeing in theaters:

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii  don't know what they're SAYYYINNNNGGGG, but let's all sing aloooonnngggg…..
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii don’t know what they’re SAYYYINNNNGGGG, but let’s all sing aloooonnngggg…..


There were a lot of runs for more popcorn when we went to see this, that much I remember.  And that’s about it, besides a vague recollection of sitting next to my mom and seeing lions and Zazu on the screen.

Gee, I wonder where my lifelong love of snarkiness came from? *Bazinga*

Of course, I’ve now seen this movie around 100 times (thanks, little sister!) and know the music and words by heart–thank you Elton John!

(*cough*Of course this is only his second-best animated musical… Dreamworks’ El Dorado was amazing, *cough cough*)

What was your first Disney movie?  I’m always curious how some people got to adulthood, let alone ten, before ever seeing a Disney masterpiece.  Whether you were itty-bitty, or not-so itty-bitty, I’d love to know what your first Disney experience was!