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Original Melody: The Hanging Tree (Hunger Games)

Years ago, before The Hunger Games movies came out, I read the books and was enamored of the song, The Hanging Tree.  So solemn, so moving.  And a melody popped into my head for it.  So, naturally, I wrote it down.  Also, naturally, I kept it to myself for YEARS.  (Bad habit I’m trying to break.)

Well, big news, I’ve finally recorded my version and shared it on my youtube channel!  I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed creating this song.

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Quick Take: Naptime Crafts

My toddler is in a toddler bed. Not only has this led to earlier wake-ups, this also means that I have to guard his bedroom door to make sure he doesn’t open-close-open-close-open-close it a bajillion* times when he’s “resting.”

*actual number of times I’m positive he slammed his door one naptime

So what’s an exasperated mama bear to do?

Craft, of course!

I have taken up sitting on cushions outside of the toddler’s door and either crocheting or knitting while listening to podcasts or audiobooks. So far I’m making quick progress on a crochet shawl for myself (an extra treat since most of what I make isn’t for my own use, but I love this one too much!)

I’m using a Caron Cake I found on sale. So pretty! Hoping to have it done before real fall weather hits us.

Happy naptime!

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