The baby is napping… Write, write!

I’m probably really only going to get a few minutes of typing time, since baby has already been out for about an hour.  (YAY BABY WEARING!)I wasn’t sure about continuing this blog after baby.  My recovery was much longer and more intense than anticipated. (Thanks, C-Section.  Maybe I’ll write about that someday, but not yet.)  Babies take up a LOT more time and attention than I expected, and apparently the scheduled-nap-time-thing doesn’t really kick in for another month or two, unless you’re fantastically lucky.  (My little one loves cat naps… huzzah.) Add in fully breastfeeding, watching our 50 lb pup who realized “Hey, I can jump the fence and go MEET the postman!” and trying to find a free ten minutes to shower… Let’s leave at that we have been lucky to have clean underpants in this house before I realize we’re out (or someone tells me “I ran out this morning!” when we’re about to go to bed… not that that ever happens).

But now, just in the past week or so, things have started calming down.  Around Christmas, which I find funny since that’s usually everyone’s craziest time, but not here.  It’s busy, but it’s happy.  I LOVE Christmas.  Decorating, baking, mailing out cards, buying/wrapping gifts, all of it has never felt like a chore to me.  I find so much joy in picking out things I know my loved ones might enjoy unwrapping on Christmas Day, imagining the smiles on their faces.  I love decorating, wrapping gifts, packing them up, picking out cute Christmas stamps for envelopes, picking out cards (I was nuts enough to hand-stamp mine this year… again, YAY BABY WEARING!!!)  And somehow with all of the Christmas bustle, everything in our house started to have a routine again.

It’s not solid, it’s not exactly the same everyday, but there is a hint of the same daily routine each day now.  It helps that baby is sleeping through the night now, but I think it’s also that amid all of the Christmas chores, a lot of the routine house-chores also got done.

We had to put up the Christmas tree, so the living room got cleaned both before and after that happened.

We had to figure out Christmas meals and treats to bake, so we got menus and grocery shopping done for several weeks at once.

Little things like that moved us along to get the daily-routine chores done, and once they were done one time, it was easier to get them done almost every day.  (Not every single day all the time… I mean, we have an infant, duh.)

So I started thinking about this blog again.  I hadn’t checked it in however old my kid is plus a few weeks, so at least three months.  And I wasn’t inclined to check it.

When lo and behold I saw on my iPhone… a WordPress notification.

“Honey, I have a WordPress thingy!” I exclaimed to my husband.  Then followed a quick conversation explaining to him that a thingy was a notification, which was notifying that I had *gasp* a comment.

It was on an older post, from (I think) before we moved across the country.  But it was a comment! And it was friendly, and fun, and let me know that, apparently, new people are somehow finding me.  Stats revealed that yup, I was getting a lot of views, daily, even though I was writing absolutely nothing.

So hubby and I had a little chat about the blog.  How I really enjoy writing, how I like tweaking the blog to be more user-friendly, finding topics to write about. I’ve decided that I’m going to keep the blog going.  Of course since there is an infant in the mix, it probably won’t be as regular as I’d like (though really, was it ever?)  But the blog lives on, probably with a lot more mommy-centric topics!

Read on, enjoy, know that long spans between posts doesn’t mean I’m gone, and please let me know if there are any topics you’d like to see me tackle, Disney or not!




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New Year Changes: Our family grew!

I have a very good reason for not writing in the past few weeks.

But…but they’re GOOD excuses.

Of course, there was Christmas, and since its the first Christmas as a married grown-up, there was Christmas cards, mailing packages, and figuring out how exactly to ‘do’ Christmas with two sets of family traditions! (We figured it out pretty well.)

Your tradition is WHAT?
            Donald’s look sums up some of our conversations about tradition combos.

But the most exciting part (and best reason for not writing) is…



Meet Heidi, the sweetest all-American mutt ever and our first fur-baby!

She likes to cuddle.
She likes to cuddle.

A few times a week, I volunteer to walk dogs at the local no-kill shelter. Of course, they usually have a few litters of sweet puppies up for adoption, in addition to the big dogs.  When my Husband comes with me, we usually take a few minutes to look at the puppies, pet them, and I usually joke about “We could take this one home!” and give him my best puppy dog eyes. (Which never works. I have terrible puppy dog eyes.)

So this time, we got back from a dog walk and saw Heidi with her sister. We took turns holding and playing with her, and I said (teasing!) “We can’t leave her here! We could take the puppy home.”

And there was no response.

No, “No dogs right now.”

No, “Put the puppy down, dear.”

No, “Maybe after our next business trip.”

There was just silence, and a Husband holding the puppy with a serious yet slightly pleased look on his face.

I immediately knew: we were taking that puppy home.

We have had her home for a week now, and it has been a fun ride of ups (like cute cuddling, playing with toys, teaching fetch and seeing huge tail wags when we come home!) and downs (like dear god, how does something so SMALL make such a BIG noise at 2 am?!)

Here are some things we’ve learned about Heidi so far:

She is a professional napper.

2 hour-long naps are not uncommon.
2 hour naps are not uncommon.

She likes to burrow.

Can't tell which side is up?
Can’t tell which side is up?
There's her left front-paw for some perspective.
There’s her left front-paw for some perspective.

She is a hoarder.

All the toys end up on her bed. And all the socks.  And the slippers.
All the toys end up on her bed. And all the socks. And the slippers.

She isn’t too sure about this harness and leash business.

Purple is definitely her color.
But purple is definitely her color.

Also, she loves football.

Also, she loves to cheer on football with her daddy.
Or maybe just cuddling with her papa?  Nah, it’s gotta be the football.

Wish us luck!

P.S. Heidi would like me to inform my readers that she does NOT like it when her mama is typing on the computer instead of playing with her. At all. Even if the majority was written when she was napping.

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Housewife 101: Make a wreath

If most popular musicians are to be believed, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! CHRISTMAS!
Well, really it’s only Advent, but I love this season. As a musician, I love being able to play the songs that brought me so much joy as a child, and my Christmas CD collection (Yeah, I’m a 90’s kid and I still have one of those!) grows a good deal more every year.

Now that we have our own home together, I’ve been excited to decorate for Christmas in our own style. My wonderful husband was a good sport and helped me put up the tree on Thanksgiving afternoon.


I’ve had this little four-foot beauty since my sophomore year in college. The Smuggler (then boyfriend, now husband) helped me pick it out soon after we started dating, so I suppose you could say it was our first tree together, in a way, though it only ever lived at my own place until now.

Since I love to craft as much as possible, I thought what better way would there be to make this new place feel homey than with a homemade wreath? Thanks to a mega coupon from Michaels, I was able to get a scrawny little wreath that only Charlie Brown could be proud of, and made sure to get enough classic doo-dads and shiny ribbon to try and Peanuts-gang it up-with a lot of love!
Here is the before, when I first started arranging the ribbon…


…and the after, just before all the hot-gluing began!


I just love the Joy To The World burlap ribbon. That and the birdhouse were my main startingpoints, then the fruit and berries.

Hanging on our front door:


Such a fun project! I highly recommend it, even if it’s as simple as just putting a little ribbon of your choice on a wreath. It gave me a sense of being more at home in our new place, especially being so far from family during the holidays.

P.S. At my husband’s insistence, we put our shoes out last Friday night in case St. Nicolas came by. It looks like we were good kids this year-all candy, no sticks! Maybe he just ran out of sticks by using them on heretics on the way to our place… 😉

(If you’re wondering about St. Nicolas and the heretics, click here. )

Outside of Ariel's Grotto.
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Music, Autism & a Favorite Song – 30 Day Disney Challenge: Day 10

There is a very important blogging lesson I have learned: when one takes on a challenge that is supposed to have you “do ____ for _____ number of days, all in a row, and don’t skip a day!…” you’re going to skip days.  Whether it’s been an exercise challenge, a writing challenge, anything, there will be days that you have to skip, for one reason or another (like, say, road trips that take all day, National Novel Writing Month, or Thanksgiving turkeys that are completely frozen even though they’ve been thawing for two extra days… to be completely non-specific, of course).

But enough about why this 30 Day challenge is turning out to be a 2 Month challenge!  Let’s go on to the hardest question on this list:

Favorite Disney Song

I know a lot of people who would not have a hard time with this question.  Thank goodness there are four categories of songs in this challenge, so I can whittle my list down a little bit.  But here’s just a tiny bit about my life, so you can understand my dilemma.

I grew up listening to and watching almost every Disney sing-along video cassette that was ever made.

I'm old enough to say that these videos here have the "new" style of covers.
I’m old enough to say that these videos here have the “new” style of covers.

As far back as I can remember, my little sister has had rather severe autism.  Growing up, Disney movies made her happy, but I believe that back then, it had more to do with the music than with the stories.  My sister would Continue reading “Music, Autism & a Favorite Song – 30 Day Disney Challenge: Day 10”

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Know thine audience…



Sometimes, sentiments that are meant to come from the heart out of kindness can strike the wrong chord.

This reminded me of a family joke from when I was growing up:

Sign we passed outside of a church: SPEND CHRISTMAS WITH JESUS!!
My mom: …Aren’t they really just telling everyone, “Drop Dead!!”?

Lessons learned: Know your audience; check your work for possible double meanings.