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Tuesday Tunes 

What have I been listening to this week? Amid the repeated requests for the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme, the Hot Dog Dance, and Paw Patrol, I have managed to get some “Mommy Music” in as well, a la Beauty and the Beast! 

I’ve been digging the soundtrack from the new live-action movie, especially Evermore (confession: I listen to this song repeatedly.  Both the Dan Stevens version and the Josh Groban cover; both are fantastic and wonderfully emotional without being copy-cats of each other). 

If you’re like me and on a too-tight-to-buy-music-budget, good news: YouTube has a playlist of the full soundtrack! You can listen by clickingthe link here.

My faves: 

  • The three prologue tracks 
  • Gaston
  • Days in the Sun
  • Evermore 


What are you listening to this week? Do you have a fave on this album I didn’t mention? Leave a comment and tell me about it! 

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Moana = Shiny



That darn SHINY song.

Why?  WHY did they make that song?!

In the middle of our first viewing I turned to my husband and asked “So, did David Bowie do this song before he died, or did they bring him back specifically to write it?” Because seriously, that song is full-on, Labyrinth-swamp-scene-headless-bird-weirdness.  And it won’t get out of your head.  Ever.  We keep pulling Marshall Eriksons around the house, singing what we would actually speak to our son with the word “shiny” at the end of the sentence.

Phew, now that I got that off of my chest, I can say that I finally saw Moana….and I love it. (Other than the aforementioned song.) I love it because…

  • The music is addicting; even the background, non-lyrics soundtrack.
  • The Rock can sing, which is cool and actually quite nice to listen to. (Still figuring out how he fit that many tongue-tying syllables into that short of a time, because I’m going to learn it, dangit! #MusicMajorProblems)
  • The animation is phenomenal.  I even noticed the torches people were carrying around, the second time I watched it, and it looks like real fire.
  • I plan on being the kind of grandmother Moana’s Granny is.
  • The chicken ends up being the sidekick, even though he’s almost useless and they make you think it’s gonna be the smart pig.
  • Mythology.  I don’t know how accurate Disney kept it, but I have a long love of all sorts of mythology dating back into my elementary school days.

But most importantly, I love how there are two main themes in Moana, and even though they are somewhat opposing, they work together so well.

Theme one: “You can find happiness right where you are.”

They may have gotten the point across in the main crowd-scene song, but it looks like it takes all of Moana’s growing-up years to finally convince her of this.  She has a longing for more, but she also understands the important role she has to play for her people.  So, she puts aside her personal desires in order for the greater good.

Moana and Spock would agree. 


Even with knowing her grandmother would support her, it takes her island starting to die to take her away from her duty in leading her people.

Theme two: You usually know your calling deep inside yourself, but it might take a LOT of outside prompting to discover and accept it.

You might be saying “Theme two doesn’t oppose theme one.”  And you’d be right…. kind of.

In light of that Moana’s calling is to leave her people and complete a mission larger than her or her duty to her people, then yes, these two themes completely oppose each other in Moana’s case.  She has the duty to fulfill the mission the Ocean has given her, and she has a duty to taking care of her people.

And in the end, she manages to do both: Moana completes her mission, by which her people are saved (I’m guessing, since the lava monster isn’t spoiling the sea and islands anymore), she returns to lead them (symbolized by conch shell on the stack of leadership stones[way to go to ruin the stack for your descendants, Moana!]), and helps her people return to their tradition and calling of being voyagers.

I seriously love this girl.  True to her family, true to her people, true to her calling.  And sassy as all get out.

I also have to say that I love Moana’s mother.  She has such a small part, but it’s so important.  When she realizes Moana is leaving, finally answering the call to leave the island, she doesn’t stop her.  But more importantly, she helps her daughter pack.   She cries as her daughter leaves, she obviously worries once her daughter is gone, but she realizes her daughter is grown and must do what she thinks is best as her people’s leader.

And that’s my stormy night brain dump, as I’m staying up, just waiting to see if any of these tornado watches turn into warnings-yay!  Pray for safety in the southeast, it’s nasty over here.

Did you like Moana?  Did you despise Shiny, or actually like the disco moment?  Have you also been listening to the songs on repeat in your car?  Let me know! 

Quickie Post

Is “Love is an Open Door” actually a villain Song?

I know.  You’re reading this and going “No!  I love that song!  It’s so sweet!”

Yes, yes it is… If you are thinking about Anna’s part.

Let’s think about Hans’ lines for a moment, shall we?

Oh Grumpy Cat, how right you are this time.
Oh Grumpy Cat, how right you are this time.

Anna sings: “All my life has been a series of doors in my face/and then suddenly, I bump into you!”

Hans: “I was thinking the same thing!  Cuz’ like, I’ve been searching my whole life to find my own place.


Right there.  See it?

Anna is totally talking about how she has finally found someone to love her.

Hans keeps saying the word place.  Shall we look some more?

At least he’s willing to sing and dance for the throne… I guess…

Anna: “But with you, I see your face, and it’s nothing like I’ve ever known before. Love is an open door!”

Hans: “But with you, I’ve found my place, and it’s nothing like I’ve ever known before.  Love is an open door!”

He doesn’t say anything particularly nice about Anna here, facially or otherwise.  He’s not unkind, but he just doesn’t mention her.  He’s still talking about his place.

Hans & Anna: “Say goodbye to the pain of the past!  We don’t have to feel it anymore.”

Hmm, the pain of loneliness from not finding your love, or the pain of knowing that 12 of your siblings would have to die in order for you to rule?  Hmm?  Which is it, Hans?!


Thank goodness he was thinking “sentences.”  Just in case that beginning ‘s’ slipped out, he was covered.

One last thing.  At the end they both sing “Life can be so much more with you!”  More like… being king?

To Hans, love is an open door… an open door to Arandelle’s throne room!

Really, you didn't even have to kill Anna… According to Once Upon a Time, Anna & Elsa's mother was heir to the throne, yet their father was still a king.  Hans, you selfish jerk.
Really, you didn’t even have to kill Anna… According to Once Upon a Time, Anna & Elsa’s mother was heir to the throne, yet their father was still a king. Hans, you selfish jerk.

***Afternote: I do love this song.  Even as a love song, it is super sweet and cute.  But the subtle hints are just wonderful little tidbits, kind of like Mother Gothel only saying “I love you most” to Rapunzel’s hair, not Rapunzel herself.***

Your thoughts?

(I need to credit some of these thoughts coming from my Photography friend from Disney Days, and her sister and fellow blogger, Further Into His Heart.)