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Wedding Music for the Disney Bride

I had a Tangled/Disney themed wedding (not overly cheesy or blatant, if I do say so myself), and since I’m a musician, the music for both the ceremony and the reception was a HUGE deal!  A while ago I made a list for my piano playing business about ways to add a little more magic to your wedding day, via Disney music, and figured I would share it over here. So, here are some musical ideas for every part of your wedding that will add a hint of pixie-dust!

*Marks a song I used at my own wedding!

Entrance Songs:
-So This is Love from Cinderella
-Can You Feel the Love Tonight? from The Lion King (Elton John version) 
-One Song from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 
-Married Life from Pixar’s UP

Recessional Song: 

-True Love’s Kiss from Enchanted
-Once Upon A Dream from Sleeping Beauty 
-Learn Me Right from Brave (A friend of mine had this as her first dance song!)

First Dance: 
-I See the Light from Tangled*  
-Love Is An Open Door from Frozen 
-Beyond the Sea from Finding Nemo 
-A Whole New World from Aladdin 
-Love from Robin Hood 
-Ma Belle Evangeline from The Princess and the Frog 

Mother/Son Dance:
You’ll Be In My Heart from Tarzan*
-Baby Mine from Dumbo 
-Your Mother and Mine from Peter Pan 

Father/Daughter Dance:
-How Does a Moment Last Forever? from Beauty and the Beast (Celine Dion version)
-Baby Mine from Dumbo 
-Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman (technically not Disney, but it gives the same vibe and guarantees happy tears)*

Bouquet Toss: 
-I Won’t Say I’m In Love from Hercules*
-Someday My Prince Will Come from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 

Garter Toss: 
-Be A Man from Mulan* 
-A Girl Worth Fighting For from Mulan

If I were to put together my perfect “Disney Wedding Program” with selections from this list, here’s how it would look:

~The Mousewife’s Perfect Disney Wedding Songs~

Married Life  (Because I love a good prelude!)

So This is Love

Learn Me Right

First Dance:
I See the Light

Entrance into Reception:
The Throne Room from Star Wars: A New Hope 

Mother/Son Dance:
You’ll Be In My Heart

Father/Daughter Dance:
Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman 

Bouquet Toss:
I Won’t Say I’m In Love

Garter Toss: Be A Man


What romantic Disney songs would you add to the list?




Make way for Disney heroines… Step aside, Frozen fans.

Today is supposed to be Movie Quote Monday.  And my intention was to keep it that way, with a quick post that would take five minutes before I get back to organizing my desk.

But then, a distraction.

As I was looking for a cute picture to go with today’s quote, I stumbled upon this fan-made picture.


Excuse you?

Have you even seen any Disney movies over two years old?

Have you seen any official Disney Classics?

And if you have, how could you forget this handsome fella?

Even Belle's Dad thought Gaston was an alright catch at first.
Even Belle’s Dad thought Gaston was a decent catch at first.  

Or this guy?

Kokoum WAS a nice guy, he just didn't know how to paint with wind. Or smile.
Kokoum WAS a nice guy, he just didn’t know how to paint with wind. Or smile. Or ask his fiancee why he shouldn’t kill her new boyfriend. 

And are you going to completely ignore that Meg’s first “true love” dumped her for another girl after she sacrificed herself to Hades for him?

Because that happened.
He completely Hans’ed her.  Actually, he’s worse than Hans. 

I have been trying to figure out why someone would think this. Now, if they’re saying “The first guy can turn out to be a jerk,” that’s bogus.  So did Gaston, though he was more up-front about it than Hans.  So was Meg’s nameless boyfriend who dumped her.

If they’re saying, “Sometimes the first guy you meet isn’t the right guy, even though he is a good guy,” then my answer is

” Hi, I’m Prince Edward, I have puffy sleeves, sing, will risk my life for you, and want to marry you.”

I'm Prince Edward, I have puffy sleeves, sing, and want to marry you. Your name?

The only reasons I can come up with for someone to think this crazy Frozen thought is

a) they are not Disney fans, just Frozen fanatics,


b) they have jumped on the Frozen fanatic bandwagon that states “Frozen is the first Disney movie to prove that a girl doesn’t need a man to save her!” and are trying to see at what else Frozen can be first.

I’m sure you’ve seen those posts about Frozen and men.  They are everywhere.  “Disney finally made a movie where a girl doesn’t need rescuing!”

To which I say….

…If Kristoff didn’t give Anna a ride, she would have been wolf food.

…If Kristoff didn’t help Anna, she wouldn’t even be able to find the ice palace, let alone get to it.  (Remember the sad climbing attempt, and her lack of tracking skills?)

…If Kristoff didn’t have handy rope/hook/pickaxe knowledge, Anna would have fallen to her death when being chased by Marshmallow.  Granted, he only softened the eventual fall, but at least they got a little closer to the ground.  Really, that was cinematic cheating, everyone should have died right there in real life.

…If Kristoff hadn’t been raised by the trolls and brought Anna to them, he never would have known that bringing her back to Arandelle was the best bet for saving her.

So don’t give me that crap.

And Elsa?  Elsa couldn’t save herself. She tried and made the snowstorm worse, trapping Anna as she froze. Sure, her love melted the spell, but… that was a fluke. She didn’t know what she was doing. I love Elsa, dearly, but she’s no hero.

Really, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven prolonged Anna’s life the most.  All guys, helping save her.

On top of that, the original Snow Queen story actually has a girl rescuing her one true love from the clutches of the Snow Queen, who has cursed the guy to love/follow the Snow Queen’s every whim, forgetting his lady love.  The girl is entirely on her own, with little help along her journey, and actually manages to rescue the guy even when he’s on the Snow Queen’s side due to being cursed.  It makes Anna’s feats look rather puny, if still adorable.

But those aren’t even the important reasons Frozen fanatics are wrong.  Here are the important ones.



Remember? Pretended to be a boy, got kicked out of the army, saved China anyway, and had the EMPEROR bow to her?  After her General/boyfriend said “No way I’m helping you, girl!” she snuck into the palace on a Hun hunt.  Remember?  No?  This was mid-late 1990’s.



Sure, she was in love with John Smith, but she didn’t need him to save her.  Pocahontas already had this “please don’t kill each other” and “I do what I want” attitude way before the English landed at Jamestown.

Actually, I remember this small, unimportant scene at the end where she saved his life.  Totally didn’t affect the story line, though, right?

Oh yeah, mid-1990’s, almost 20 years before Frozen debuted.

Captain Amelia

Captain Amelia

Sadly, I can’t be mad at you if you don’t remember her, even though she is from one of the best. Disney. movies. EVER.

(Treasure Planet, in case you’re still lost.)

Thanks to crappy marketing, this bada$$ Disney heroine is oft forgotten.  There was a moment where she needed help, but that was after getting shot while saving her crew, and she still managed to be awesome.



Lilo’s big sister!  Not only was she doing her best to raise her little sister, keep a home running, and have a job, she also told her (very handsome and sweet) friend David that she didn’t have time for a relationship.  She turned down his help occasionally, only accepting his help finding a job and an invite to relax with a day of surfing.  She made it clear she didn’t have time for anything more, and David respected her wishes to try to do everything by herself.  Heck, Nani teamed up with aliens who could have squished her in a second just to try to save her sister!



For you youngin’s who might not have seen any of the above movies because you live in a black hole with no Netflix access, you should at least have heard of Merida.  It’s much more recent.

She refuses to get married because “it’s what you do,” and instead shoots for her own hand.

She learns how to be a good leader from her mother, and eventually convinces her parents to let her live her life on her own terms, bucking tradition (for the meantime) in order to grow and learn.

And can we not forget how awesome her mother is?  Queen Elinor is one of my favorite Disney moms: super protective of her children, powerful in politics, and a really, really cute bear.

I could go on.  Ellie from “Up” didn’t need Carl to save her from anything.  In fact, you could say she saved him from living inside of a shell his entire life.  And once married, they helped each other, as married people should do.

Now, Snow White.  She definitely waited for her prince to fix everything.  I mean, she has an entire song about it.  Granted, she was mostly dead at the end of her story, so she didn’t have a choice.  But she did wait around.  At least she was friendly and helpful while she waited.

Cinderella.  In my experience, the one used most often as an example of “sitting around, waiting for a prince to fix everything.”  Really, she was doing the best she could in the society in which she lived.  She didn’t want to live on the street, so she stayed with her wicked stepmother.  But she never once mentioned wanting someone to save her, or even marry a prince.  She just wanted a night off to feel like a normal girl and go to a ball.

It is both incorrect and unfair to most Disney girls to say that Frozen is the first Disney film that shows the first guy isn’t always right, or that girls don’t need a man to save them.  Because sometimes, girls need a guy to save them.

And sometimes, a guy needs a girl to save him.

Sometimes, people of the same gender help each other.

It’s called being a decent human being.

And a lot of the time, Disney is just sticking to the original story, which involves a prince saving someone.  So blame the Brothers Grimm, if you must blame someone.

Or maybe just appreciate human beings helping other human beings.  That’s what we are supposed to do with our time here.  So, thank you, Disney, for showing that it goes both ways, for many years.

And for those of you who are still stuck on “Frozen is the first!”?


30 Day Challenge

Favorite Heroine & Favorite Prince – 30 Day Disney Challenge: Days 3-4

Sadly, I was not able to post day 3 of the Disney Challenge.  I was on the road all day to help out family, and didn’t get any time to post before I fell asleep way earlier than I meant to!

But now that I am back, without further ado, here is days 3 and 4 of the Disney 30 Day Challenge!

 Day 3: Your favorite heroine.  

I have to go with my childhood favorite:

Brave. Pretty. Paints with wind.
~Brave. Pretty. Paints with wind.~


Hands down, my childhood favorite.  She risked everything to protect her love, her people, and her values.  

But I have a confession to make.

I think Mulan is much more deserving of being the best Disney heroine.

Tougher, willing to risk even her own life for honor and for her people, especially when told to back down.
Tough, willing to risk even her own life for honor and for her people, especially when told to back down.

Gaining the respect of an entire nation that believes women should be seen and not heard is amazing. Pocahontas didn’t break the mold of her people as much as Mulan did.  But, Pocahontas is my life-long favorite, so she wins the title of “Favorite Heroine.”

Day 4: Your favorite prince. 



Absolute favorite.  (I’m sorry, Flynn.  I love you, too.)  He’s adorable, protects others because it’s the right thing to do (remember those kids at the beginning of the movie?), and is brave.  Yeah he’s a thief, but so are a lot of good Disney guys.  He’s just keeping good company with Robin Hood and Flynn Rider.

Plus, he really loves Jasmine, in the I’d-do-anything-for-you kind of way.  He knew he couldn’t marry her, a princess, when Jafar sent him away.  He could have gone on to live his life anywhere after that.  But he came back, rescued Jasmine, defeated Jafar, and was ready to accept the fact that they couldn’t be together, sad as it was.  He is just an overall really good guy, minus the thief thing.

The only thing that could make him better?  Put the “Proud of Your Boy” song into the animated movie and re-release it.  I would pay big bucks to have that song in the movie!

Do you have a favorite heroine or prince?  (C’mon, everyone has a favorite Disney prince.  Don’t deny it.)  Leave a note and let me know!