Tiny Joys

Tiny Joys vol. 7 

Seeing the look of absolute love and admiration on my youngest son’s face as he watches his big brother play right next to him.  

Watching as my toddler goes up to his little brother to help his swing “fly” and tuck his favorite truck into the baby’s blanket. 

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Star Wars Cameos and a Late Valentine

In my first year of housewife-ing, I have learned a lot about how things really go when you are an adult setting up your first home.  I’m pretty sure that when I was a child, I just thought those pictures had always lived on Mom’s walls.  Of course she didn’t spend months without anything hanging there, and no way did she take two or three days to actually decide on the layout, do the measuring, and finally put a nail (or two) in the wall!
(Actually, it’s my mother.  So she probably did do these things in one day within the first week of moving.  She’s got some weird but cool superpower for decorating and getting house-things done.)

Now that my husband and I have been settled in one spot for several months, the boxes are finally starting to disappear.  A little more slowly than I’d like, but hey, disappearing boxes is a good thing, no matter how long it takes!  As we unpacked photos, empty frames that needed photos, and a few pieces of artwork, I made hanging two special paintings my top priority.

Star Wars Cameo 1 Star Wars Cameo 2

These Princess Leia and Han Solo cameos were painted by one of my best friends, and maid of honor, as a wedding shower gift to my husband and myself!  She is a fantastic artist, and I’m lucky to now own a total of three pieces of her art.  (I had another, a portrait of myself, which my mother commandeered.)  We were super excited to receive these gifts, not only because my friend loved us enough to do this, but because of the backstory to why she painted these for us, in particular.

You see, my husband didn’t say “I love you” until the moment before he proposed.

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Favorite Love Song – 30 Day Disney Challenge: Day 11

At last!  A day of the challenge that is really easy.

Technically, I See the Light is a love song, but it is also about finding a dream.  And since it is my favorite song in yesterday’s post, I’ve picked another love song that is just lovely.

Love Goes On-Robin Hood

I know what you’re thinking.  “Man, this girl really likes her obscure Disney!”

Which I do.

But this song has always been a favorite, and one that comes to mind whenever I think “Disney Love Song.”

Honorable mentions:

Bella Notte-Lady & the Tramp

So This Is Love-Cinderella

A Whole New World-Aladdin

Kiss the Girl-The Little Mermaid (only because I like to squack Scuttle’s part)