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Tiny Joys: vol. 6 

In which Kitty tried to adopt our family.
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Moana = Shiny



That darn SHINY song.

Why?  WHY did they make that song?!

In the middle of our first viewing I turned to my husband and asked “So, did David Bowie do this song before he died, or did they bring him back specifically to write it?” Because seriously, that song is full-on, Labyrinth-swamp-scene-headless-bird-weirdness.  And it won’t get out of your head.  Ever.  We keep pulling Marshall Eriksons around the house, singing what we would actually speak to our son with the word “shiny” at the end of the sentence.

Phew, now that I got that off of my chest, I can say that I finally saw Moana….and I love it. (Other than the aforementioned song.) I love it because…

  • The music is addicting; even the background, non-lyrics soundtrack.
  • The Rock can sing, which is cool and actually quite nice to listen to. (Still figuring out how he fit that many tongue-tying syllables into that short of a time, because I’m going to learn it, dangit! #MusicMajorProblems)
  • The animation is phenomenal.  I even noticed the torches people were carrying around, the second time I watched it, and it looks like real fire.
  • I plan on being the kind of grandmother Moana’s Granny is.
  • The chicken ends up being the sidekick, even though he’s almost useless and they make you think it’s gonna be the smart pig.
  • Mythology.  I don’t know how accurate Disney kept it, but I have a long love of all sorts of mythology dating back into my elementary school days.

But most importantly, I love how there are two main themes in Moana, and even though they are somewhat opposing, they work together so well.

Theme one: “You can find happiness right where you are.”

They may have gotten the point across in the main crowd-scene song, but it looks like it takes all of Moana’s growing-up years to finally convince her of this.  She has a longing for more, but she also understands the important role she has to play for her people.  So, she puts aside her personal desires in order for the greater good.

Moana and Spock would agree. 


Even with knowing her grandmother would support her, it takes her island starting to die to take her away from her duty in leading her people.

Theme two: You usually know your calling deep inside yourself, but it might take a LOT of outside prompting to discover and accept it.

You might be saying “Theme two doesn’t oppose theme one.”  And you’d be right…. kind of.

In light of that Moana’s calling is to leave her people and complete a mission larger than her or her duty to her people, then yes, these two themes completely oppose each other in Moana’s case.  She has the duty to fulfill the mission the Ocean has given her, and she has a duty to taking care of her people.

And in the end, she manages to do both: Moana completes her mission, by which her people are saved (I’m guessing, since the lava monster isn’t spoiling the sea and islands anymore), she returns to lead them (symbolized by conch shell on the stack of leadership stones[way to go to ruin the stack for your descendants, Moana!]), and helps her people return to their tradition and calling of being voyagers.

I seriously love this girl.  True to her family, true to her people, true to her calling.  And sassy as all get out.

I also have to say that I love Moana’s mother.  She has such a small part, but it’s so important.  When she realizes Moana is leaving, finally answering the call to leave the island, she doesn’t stop her.  But more importantly, she helps her daughter pack.   She cries as her daughter leaves, she obviously worries once her daughter is gone, but she realizes her daughter is grown and must do what she thinks is best as her people’s leader.

And that’s my stormy night brain dump, as I’m staying up, just waiting to see if any of these tornado watches turn into warnings-yay!  Pray for safety in the southeast, it’s nasty over here.

Did you like Moana?  Did you despise Shiny, or actually like the disco moment?  Have you also been listening to the songs on repeat in your car?  Let me know! 


Disney Days 2


Since I missed Movie Quote Monday this week, I had a hankering for some lovely Disney pictures.  And what better place to go for those than to my Photographer Friend!

Trust in me...
Trust in me…
...too much trust.
…too much trust.
I was there the day this was taken! I was not brave enough to climb up to the cave, though. It was high, and I was getting married in three days, so I was avoiding injury.
I was there the day this was taken!  Scar was a little cranky we bothered him. 
Ooh de laly!
Ooh de laly!
"Dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow!" "I don't have a cow!"
“Dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow!”
“I don’t have a cow!”
Look at the reflection in the pendulum. XD
Look at the reflection in the pendulum. XD
Two kinds of street rats
Two kinds of street rats

My Photographer also has some non-Disney photos… I know, not exactly “Disney housewife-y,” but trust me, you’ll like these.

Let me be your wings..
Let me be your wings..

Link to my original post with more of this photographer’s work here.

Happy Disney Days!

Family, Husband

Another addition to the family!

Remember back around New Year’s, when this little cutie joined the family?

Aww... All 8 lbs. of her!
Aww… All 8 lbs. of her!

Well, here’s a little visual update on Heidi, now about 6 months old.

Attempted re-creation of the original pic. Just a li'l bigger now!
Attempted re-creation of the original pic. Just a li’l bigger now!

But the really, really REALLY big news is…

Baby announcement 1

…we’re expecting our first child this Fall!

The due date is October 1st, but we’ll see if the newest Mouseketeer waits that long.  (I’m hoping he/she doesn’t get too comfy in there and make a late entrance!)

Of course, my husband and I are super excited! We’ve only bought a few baby things, but the big search is about to begin later this month for strollers, cribs, etc.  Thankfully, I have a wonderful maternity store close to home, so I’ve already bought a few new jeans and two nice Spring/Summer dresses.

Hopefully, this helps explain why there haven’t  been too many posts lately.  Morning sickness and being tired all the time really got in the way! Thankfully, I’m finding the second trimester to be much more comfortable than the first, and I’m going to try to get a lot more posts in before D-Day (at which point we’ll be lucky if I get one little picture post up a week!)

Please keep me and my growing family in your thoughts and prayers as we go through this new chapter in our lives!


Fantasy Friday: Towel Animals & Personal Navigators

When I tell people that my husband and I did a Disney Cruise, one of the first thing they ask is “What kind of towel animals did they make?”  Towel animals are already a fun part of staying at a Disney hotel, but on the cruises, the towels get much more complex!


If you’re a guest on a Disney cruise, your own personal housekeeper comes in to make the bed, clean, and tidy up (which is AWESOME!  Husband and I are terrible about just leaving everything scattered around the room on vacations, and the housekeeper organized it all every afternoon.  She was amazing!).

In the early evening, about when we would be getting ready for dinner or a show, we would come back to our room to find an awesome towel animal, always accompanied by two Sleepy chocolates.   (As in Sleepy the dwarf, but you’re given the chocolates before bed… get it?)

The chocolates are the snake’s eyes!

Continue reading “Fantasy Friday: Towel Animals & Personal Navigators”


Humanized Disney Animal Characters

As I was perusing the internet for pictures of my favorite Disney characters for the 30 day challenge, I came across some impressive Disney drawings that portray classic animated Disney characters as humans.  The artist is known as Chaico, and has an amazing gallery on Deviant Art of both Disney and non-Disney characters.  Here are some of my favorites, categorized by their movies.


The facial expressions and characteristics carry over perfectly.
The facial expressions and characteristics carry over perfectly.



Lady & the Tramp

& the Tramp
& the Tramp.
I always thought it was spelled Jaques...
I always thought it was spelled Jaques…

The Lion King


The face and mane are captured so well!
The face and mane are captured so well!


The Little Mermaid


Well, we knew what Ariel looked like...
Well, we knew what Ariel looked like…

Oliver & Company


The personalities are still intact, as are a lot of the facial features.
The personalities are still intact, as are a lot of the facial features.
Even the posturing is accurate.
Even the posturing is accurate.

Classic Characters

Gotta love the shape of the hair.
Gotta love the shape of the hair.


I love Donald's eyes and lips. That's where you can see him.
I love Donald’s eyes and lips. That’s where you can see him.


My husband's favorites. Rescue Rangers!
My husband’s favorites. Rescue Rangers!

Max Goofy

Now Pete's easy to see! Lookin' like a classy, old-time gangster.
Now Pete’s easy to see! Lookin’ like a classy, old-time gangster.

If you like the artist’s work, please check out their site here.

30 Day Challenge

Favorite Animal – 30 Day Disney Challenge: Day 6

Day 6: Your favorite animal.

Really?  Really?  How can I be expected to pick just one Disney animal?  They are all just so cute.

I almost picked Lady, but as I am just slightly more of a cat person than a dog person…

Favorite Animal: Marie

The sweetest little white kitty ever.
The sweetest little white kitty ever.    
She has a knack for knowing good manners.
Training her brothers to be gentlemen.
Training her brothers to be gentlemen with her sass.
But her brothers keep her grounded. 


A sweet little hopeless romantic. 


Very hopeless. 
How to flirt, as taught by a kitten.
How to flirt, as taught by a kitten.
Plus, cats are cool, especially cats that hang out with O’Malley the Alley Cat. 
Yes, yes they do.  Even if they won't admit it.
Yes, yes they do. Even if they won’t admit it.
Let’s not forget her lovely mother. 
Duchess & Marie.
Duchess & Marie.
And of course, she is the reason we know the difference between a scale and an arpeggio. 
So it's not Marie.  It's still fluffy and cute.
So it’s not Marie. It’s still fluffy and cute.
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Favorite Character – 30 Day Disney Challenge: Day 1

So I was casually browsing blogs when I came upon a post that included this list: IMG_0962.PNG Since most of my writing time is now being taken up by National Novel Writing Month (click here for more info), I figure this will be a good way for me to keep good blogging habits between bigger posts. One thing to note is that some of these questions could be repetitive.  Look at the first three.  There is no reason a princess can’t be a heroine.  For the sake of this list and just keeping some variety, though, I will do my best to not repeat answers.  Also, I will keep princesses to the ones who actually wear fancy crowns.  (Sorry, Pocahontas.  You’ll get in my list, I promise.) So without further ado:

Disney challenge

Day 1: Favorite character

Of course, the hardest question is the first one.  At first, I thought this character might also be my favorite princess.

 But after giving it some thought (and getting the Smuggler’s opinion), I realized that I do have one character that I have loved since I was a little child, Continue reading “Favorite Character – 30 Day Disney Challenge: Day 1”