Tiny Joys

Tiny Joys: Art & Coffee

Finding my son’s “cow coffee cup” full of blue crayon scribbles. I love having a creative kid who thinks outside the box (even when it means a little unexpected scrubbing!)

He loves having milk in his “coffee cup” with Mommy, and we have been steadily working daily Tray Time (art, letters, colors, a bunch of learning disguised as play) into daily life. We are working on “crayons only draw on paper”… but I guess it hasn’t quite caught on when Mommy isn’t looking for a moment!

Tiny Joys

Tiny Joys vol. 7 

Seeing the look of absolute love and admiration on my youngest son’s face as he watches his big brother play right next to him.  

Watching as my toddler goes up to his little brother to help his swing “fly” and tuck his favorite truck into the baby’s blanket.