Our Tangled Wedding

I’ve seen a lot of links online that claim “Ideas for a non-cheesy Disney themed wedding!”

First, let’s clear up one thing: Disney takes the cheesy and makes it believable and classy.

We bought it as kids, and still do.
Case in point: Talking/human-like animals.

Since my husband and I are such big Disney fans, we decided that we wanted a Tangled/Disney themed wedding.  We took a lot of what we needed for a wedding anyway (like centerpieces, flowers, a cake) and just added a giant splash a hint of Disney to them.

Table numbers!

We used our favorite Disney couples.
Bride-designed. We used our favorite Disney couples.

These were a lot of fun to design!  I knew that I wanted each table to have a different Disney couple in addition to a table number. We knew it was important to keep the table numbers in the picture, just to make sure our friends who weren’t as familiar with Disney could still find their seats.
I used screen shots and Disney wallpapers, put them into Word, then added the numbers.  A family friend knows a really good print shop that made them double-sided on cardstock for us.
Because my mom loves Tangled, and Tangled was our wedding theme, AND my husband looks like Flynn Rider, my mom dibs-ed the shot of Rapunzel’s mom reaching out to add Flynn to the family huggle.

It's like a huddle, but with big warm hugs!
It’s like a huddle, but with big warm hugs!

The guest book was Our Adventure Book.

Our Adventure Book, the table awesomely decorated by my mom.
Our Adventure Book. (Link to seller)

Like Ellie’s Adventure Book from Up!   We bought the adventure book from Album Options on Etsy (click the above picture for a link), and my Awesome Mom took care of the rest.  She bought Up stickers for each guest to put in the book and sign next to. Some of them got really creative, even incorporating the stickers into a personal drawing!

Stickers and pages
Stickers and pages

The table had a TON of balloons, and really drew attention to the guest book and gift table.

The whole Adventure Guest Book table!
The whole table, complete with mom’s awesome decorating.


For this element, most people may have to take their guests’ tastes into account.  For us, our closest friends and family are Disney nerds who more often than not show their Disney Side. For them, having Disney songs played during dinner and dancing – with other Disney fans singing along – was perfect for them! One of the groomsmen even said “Why did you pick all of these songs? I’m too busy singing to eat my food!”

Our first dance was to “I See the Light” from Tangled, since that was our first movie date and has become “our song.”  For the bouquet toss, we played “I Won’t Say I’m In Love” from Hercules,” and for the garter toss, we played “I’ll Make A Man Out of You” from Mulan, which provided my favorite picture of the groomsmen.

"Mysterious as the dark side of the moooon!"
“Mysterious as the dark side of the moooon!”


A few subtle elements tied our theme together.
We paid a lot of attention to lanterns and lighting. All of the centerpieces were paper lanterns with fairy-berries inside, so they glowed as the night went on.
We also paid close attention to vines, flowers, and the general shape of flowing hair.

Flowing vines, flowing hair, flowing line of lanterns…

We kept this theme in my bouquet, on the cake, and on the candelabras’ vines.  I had two flowers girls, so they each carried a lantern with a flowery vine connecting the two.

Trailing vines from the bouquet
Trailing vines from the bouquet
Yummy carrot cake!
Yummy carrot cake!
Vine around the candle tree.
Vine around the candle tree.

Star Wars!

Who doesn’t want to be a lightsaber wielding Jedi?  And what reception would be complete without exiting under a lightsaber arch?

As our attendants "dum, dum, da-DUMed!" the Imperial March.
As our attendants “dum, dum, da-DUMed!” the Imperial March.

All of our elements tied together perfectly.  Our guests are still telling us how much they enjoyed the wedding and how much it reflected mine and my husband’s personalities so well!  It really helped that we had such a great planner in my mom, who really made all of our elements (Disney and traditional) tie together seamlessly.


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